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Great atmosphere, wonderful people, and a challenging workout no matter what your level of fitness!


What a wonderful diverse place that makes you feel welcomed and like home from the 1st day on. I did the fundamentals which was amazing and taught me the correct body mechanics. Today I participated in the Crossfit Open to support my team. I love that everyone is natural, caring, and motivating. The atmosphere is one of a kind. The facility is clean, and the rules are layed out open. I love coming here and I am still a newby:-)


A nice clean place to workout! The owners were warm and friendly.


Amazing place. Supportive and encouraging community based atmosphere. Open to all level of fitness!


The most friendly and inspiring group of people. I look forward everyday to the next challenge.


Great place with great people. Everyone is always willing to lend advice and encouragement. Even if you have never worked out before. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to workout with.


I always enjoy dropping in Phalanx Crossfit when in Sanford. The coaches and WODS are great and the other athletes always make you feel welcome.


Can I just say I absolutely love it here! I never thought I could do cross fit. With the great coaches and wonderful people there I have been able too! Thank you!


Love this place. The wods the people the PAIN...and the environment all around. Lol I'm hoping to get better.


The PEOPLE.. make it!! An encouraging environment, so glad I took that first step!


Great environment! Just had my 2nd c-section and was worried but they make sure I start slow and I stay at a level that's uncomfortable but not dangerous! My boys enjoy it as well as they have a small room for the kids to play in.




At Phalanx CrossFit, our purpose is to advance fitness and improve quality of life. 

The phalanx, an ancient Greek fighting formation, has been described as “a single impenetrable unit” and a source of strength. At Phalanx CrossFit, we believe in the strength and support that the phalanx represents.


We also believe: 

  • that CrossFit should be accessible to anyone and everyone who is willing to work hard and not quit.
  • that people working out together improve exponentially better than those doing it alone.
  • that the accountability and coaching provided at our CrossFit gym are instrumental to enhancing personal fitness and quality of life.
  • that mechanics, consistency, and intensity are the keys (in order) to successful CrossFit improvement.
  • that we are extremely blessed to be here. 

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Hard Working

Our programming is results-driven to make sure you get the most out of your workouts.

Community Oriented

We don't want you to just join our gym -- we want you to join our gym community.


We strive to include everyone and have fun while getting fit.

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