November 20, 8:30-2:30

Compete with your friends to determine who's the fittest Spartan in the Phalanx Community! 

This members-only competition is designed for beginners to intermediate athletes with two registration categories: scaled and intermediate. Whether you just started CrossFit or you've been working for a while but not quite mastered all the skills -- this competition is for YOU! 

All profits will be donated to The Phalanx Foundation in support of Operation Christmas Hope.



Two registration categories available:

SCALED: This category is for athletes who started CrossFit yesterday or have been doing it for years but are still chasing the elusive pull-up, squat depth, or handstand hold.

INTERMEDIATE: If you can do one pull-up, squat below parallel, and kick up into a handstand, this category is for you. If you are a master at these skills - don’t worry! This competition will challenge you.


All competitors will complete three events. Finalists will move to a fourth Finale Event to determine the Fittest Spartan! 

Basic registration fee is $35 and includes lunch. Shirts may be purchased for an additional $15. 

(stay tuned for more event details!)



Athletes should be prepared to complete the following movements for the competition workouts. 


American Kettlebell Swings (15/25#)

Flutter Kicks

Up Downs

Plank Shoulder Taps

Burden Run (15/25#)

Max Deadlift

Max Jerk

Max Power Clean

American Kettlebell Swings (35/53#)

Floor Wipers


Hand Release Push Ups

Burden Run (25/45#)

Max Deadlift

Max Jerk

Max Power Clean

Handstand Hold (against wall)